Friday, 11 May 2012

May Lust Have It!

The May Lust Have it! box/pack is the second that I've received since subscribing in April. Firstly I love the pretty beauty bags that the packs have been arriving in, especially this month's pink! I feel pretty lucky that the Lust Have it! team decided to switch to this form of packaging the same month that I joined.
 These little samples were some of the most exciting for me. I've heard really great things about the Bioderma Crealine H20 Makeup Remover and how it performs on sensitive eyes. The Evo the Therapist Calming haircare are perfect for travelling, which I'll be doing in July. How convenient!
 These were some of the more disappointing products for me. I think the Caron Laboratories Bump eRaiser Medi Paste is a good idea, and sure, handy to have, but I don't personally think I'll get as much use out of it as I would with other skincare. Secondly the Dirty soap from Lush, as much as I love their products (I was really wanting the Lust soap) just smells like those weird spearmint lollies that were around when I was a kid and I hated them then and I hate them now.
 The two makeup products in this pack are really really cute! 
 The Nicole by OPI mini nail polish is so cute and I don't have that many glitter polishes so this one is great to add to my collection.
 The ModelCo lipgloss that I received is a nice sparkly nude peach colour and I really like it. I'm not that much of a gloss girl though, so I think going into Autumn I would've preferred the dark red lippie that's on the information card.
Overall super impressed with the Lust Have it! pack for May! I'm glad that I'm subscribed now with so many changes happening within the company.

Edit: I forgot to include the Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty perfume sample. I love it! If I didn't already have so many perfumes that I'm trying to use up I would purchase a full size. Luckily my mum owns a bottle of the big sister to Sheer Beauty, Beauty, so when I need a hit I can get similar results from Beauty.


  1. wow thats really nice, did it come in the pink bag? very sweet is this similar to GlossyBox in the UK? x

  2. Nice :)


  3. love the glitter nail polish! xx

  4. @clairemae yep it was all in the pink bag! It's pretty much the same as GlossyBox, and actually they used to sell in Australia, but Lust Have it! bought it up!