Monday, 28 May 2012

My neutral palettes!

So, like many of you I'm sure, I am a creature of comfort when it comes to eyeshadows and instead of finally purchasing the Naked or Naked 2 palettes one of the many times I've had it in my cart, I've simply collected various other neutral palettes. Here they are:

Revlon Colorstay Quad in Moonlit

This quad I really like for the muted golden beige colour as an all over lid colour and the dark greenish black brown for the upper lash line. It annoys me a bit that the largest colour in the quad is a white, and a powdery one at that (just look at the swatch!), but I can deal.

Soap and Glory quad in What's Nude

From L to R: Vanilla, Pink T, Aubersheen, Mudhoney

I lusted over this quad for so long after Fleur de Force mentioned it in a favourites video a while back and compared the shadows to MAC shadows. I like the fact that they did a palette with 3 matte shades, because I tend to exclusively buy shimmery shadows, so the variety is nice. I did here someone mention that the shimmery colour Aubersheen is dupable with MAC's Satin Taupe, however not owning Satin Taupe I couldn't tell you.

My MAC Palette

From L to R: Shroom, Vex, Concrete, Shale 

This is a palette I made myself at MAC, and honestly it's my favourite. It's much more cool toned than the other palettes I have, so maybe that's why I'm drawn to it more. It's a fairly neutral palette barring Vex, however I like to have it in there because it is such a unique and beautiful colour (grey base with a pink/green duochrome) and I do like to wear it on an everyday basis.

NYX Runway 10 colour eyeshadow palette in Champagne and Caviar

This was my first palette purchase when I started getting into makeup and, as you can see, it's well loved. I used to mix a few matte colours for my brows and change up the lid colour with the paler shimmery shades. I will say that, as with many drugstore palettes that have over 4 shades, a lot of the shades look exactly the same.

Revlon Custom Eyes Palette in Naturally Glamorous

I loved the bronze shade in this palette for the longest time, especially during summer! As with a lot of my makeup, when I bought new products this palette kind of got buried in my collection.

Sportsgirl Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette

Again this was one of my first eyeshadow purchases. Not the best quality, but the pinky bronze colour definitely got a major dent! But I still don't really understand of including a white shade, especially when they're pretty chalky.

For anyone that has the Naked or Naked 2 palettes, is it worth getting even with all these other neutrals?


  1. I love neutral palettes, cause this is great for a casual makeup, your MAC palette seems to be great, you chose nice colors! =) I think I should do that one day.
    Btw this is the first time I visit your blog and I like it!! I'm following you now! =)

    1. Aw thanks so much!!
      haha I agree, I'm either wearing neutrals or just mascara

      Thanks so much for subscribing :)

  2. I really want the Soap and Glory palette. I've been perving on it for a while now and after seeing this, I think I need it in my life. I lov eyour blog btw, and I'm now following :)

    1. Yeah its really great and perfect for everyday! Thanks so much! I just followed back ;)