Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Product Rave! NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm

This lip balm is AMAZING! I'm sure you'll have seen the hype on all the blogs (particularly that UK group I mentioned before! essiebuttonmeganisobelwhatihearttoday), and it's all true!

During this winter my lips have been a mess; constantly cracked, sore and dry. I've tried all the usual suspects, Blistex and Lucas' Paw paw, but to no avail. I pined over the NUXE Reve de Miel after hearing about it, but wasn't sure if it was worth the $16 price tag from Feel Unique or Look Fantastic, and so when it was sold out I thought I'd try the Figs and Rouge lip balm instead. At first the Figs and Rouge was fine, but eventually and after about two weeks of use just started feeling like a Vaseline type balm, and not really fixing the problem. Then when the NUXE balm came back on sale I took the plunge.

This balm is the most amazing lip balm I have ever, and hope to ever use! It is very very thick feeling on the lips, almost like its been glued on. None of this slippery Vaseline type feeling I had from my other balms. After using it for about a week I can definitely feel the difference in my lips; no more cracks, relatively supple and definitely not dry. I love applying it before bed and in the morning my lips feel amazing! I would definitely recommend it if nothing has worked for you so far and you're in dire straits with your winter lips!

(The figs and rouge now stays in my bag as an in case of emergency lip balm. It also doubles as a makeup remover if you are having trouble removing mascara smudges around the eyes!)

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